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Online Digital Printing Guide

In a previous article, I reviewed the online printer cropping issues. Below is a table that you should find useful. This is a listing of the crop sizes for current brands of 4 major digital camera providers:

Camera ModelAspect Ratio4x? suggestion
Coolpix 22004:34 x D
Coolpix - 32004:34 x D
Coolpix - 37004:34 x D
Coolpix - 42004:34 x D
Coolpix - 43004:34 x D
Coolpix - 52004:34 x D
Coolpix - 54004:34 x D
Coolpix - 57004:34 x D
Coolpix - 87004:34 x D
Coolpix - 41004:34 x D
D703:24 x 6
D1003:24 x 6
D2H set3:24 x 6
D2x set3:24 x 6
D1x set3:24 x 6
S4104:34 x D
G64:34 x D
S704:34 x D
A954:34 x D
A854:34 x D
A4004:34 x D
S5004:34 x D
S4104:34 x D
S4004:34 x D
SD1104:34 x D
SD104:34 x D
A804:34 x D
A754:34 x D
A704:34 x D
A604:34 x D
A3104:34 x D
A3004:34 x D
Pro14:34 x D
G54:34 x D
S1 IS4:34 x D
S604:34 x D
S504:34 x D
EOS 1DS3:24 x 6
EOS 1D3:24 x 6
EOS 10D3:24 x 6
EOS 20D3:24 x 6
Digital Rebel3:24 x 6
Stylus 4104:34 x D
Stylus 3004:34 x D
D - 5804:34 x D
D - 5754:34 x D
D - 5404:34 x D
D - 3954:34 x D
D - 3904:34 x D
C - 80804:34 x D
C - 770 Ultra4:34 x D
C - 765 Ultra4:34 x D
C - 60 Zoom4:34 x D
C - 5060 Wide Zoom4:34 x D
C - 5000 Zoom4:34 x D
C - 740 Ultra Zoom4:34 x D
C - 50 Zoom4:34 x D
E-1 System4:34 x D
MVC - CD3504:34 x D
MVC - CD5004:34 x D
MVC - FD2004:34 x D
DSC - F8284:34 x D
DSC - F7174:34 x D
DSC - V14:34 x D
DSC - T14:34 x D
DSC - W14:34 x D
DSC - F884:34 x D
DSC - P1004:34 x D
DSC - P100/LJ4:34 x D
DSC - P100/R4:34 x D
DSC - P734:34 x D
DSC - P414:34 x D
DSC - P924:34 x D
DSC - P724:34 x D

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