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History Details For - Fort Washington

After Washington's retreat north from Long Island, Manhattan and from White Plains, General Sir William Howe decided to head sounth to attack Fort Washington in northwestern Manhattan. Baron Wilhelm von Knyphausen drove 8000 British and Hessian troops against the fort on November 16, 1776. COlonel Robert Magaw was in command of 3000 Continental regulars in the fort holding what was esssentially an indefensible postion.

Magaw surrendered the fort after losing 59 killed ans 96 wounded, the surviving force numbered 2837. The assault on the fort cost the British and Hessians 78 killed and 374 wounded.

Two days later General Cornwallis crossed the Hudson river to attack Fort Lee. General Nathanael Greene abandoned the fort with 4500 men without a fight. This continued Washingtons retreat across New Jersey.


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