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History Details For - Battle of Princeton

When General Sir William Howe (the British commander) learned of Washingtons victory at Trenton, he sent General Lord Cornwalis to try to retake Trenton. Cornwallis confronted the now 5200 man Continental army just east of Trenton but didnt attack unti lthe next day. That night Washington led his men around the left flank of the British to attack the rear guard at Princeton [commanded by Colonel Charles Mawhood]. In the morning, Washington drove the British back to New Brunswick; the Continentals had 40 killed or wounded, while the British lost 400 killed, wounded or captured.

Cornwallis turned his men to attack Washington at Princeton but Washington slipped away to the north. Washington then went into winter quarters inthe hills above Morristown. General Howe ordered the British back into winter quarters as well. With this victory (as well as the victory at Trenton), Washington freed all but the eastern part of New Jersey.


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