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History Details For - Ticonderoga II

On June 17th, General John Burgoyne began his northern invasion. 2 weeks later his forced reached Fort Ticonderoga. The American held the fort, commanded by General Arthur St. Clair (who was under General Phillip Schuyler). The fort was defended by 2500 men. Just south of the fort stood Mount Defiance, which the Americans had not defended. General Burgoyne occupied the hill with 2 12-pound cannons.

On the night of July 5th, the garrison under General St. Clair abandoned the fort, leaving valuable supplies. On the 2nd morning after the retreat, the rear guard was attacked at Hubbardton, Vt. Lt. Colonel Seth Warner was the commander of the rear guard. They were attacked by British and Germans led by General Simon Fraser. The Americans lost nearly 50 percent of their 600 men in 40 minutes. The British lost 198 killed or wounded. On July 12th, the survivors fell back to Fort Edward. After Schuyler fell back to the Mohawk River he was replaced by General Horatio Gates on August 4th.


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