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Welcome to the newly redesigned KurtTeej Online American History section.
Welcome to the History of America. This archive contains information regarding the turmoil leading up to as well as the turmoil of the American Revolution. This archive is to be a fluid archive in that it will change by growing over time, plus I will be adding information concerning specific events over time. We've recently added in information from the French and Indian War as well as various other indian wars and battles.

The next section that will be added in is information regarding specific campaigns, similar to the 1777 campaign article. These articles are to summarize the events and battles centering on a specific campaign -- these campaigns typically include several major battles.

We're in the process of adding an additional section on military and military history topics. This is mostly informational in its subject matter but there is also going to be lots of military history information, including an updated battle and campaign database.

British Campaign-1777
Consisting of 7 skirmishes and battles provided a key turning point (includes Saratoga) in the Revolution
  British Campaign-1776
The British campaign of 1776 to try to defeat the Americans in 1 quick campaign..
Election Results
Results from all American Presidential elections.
Revolution Battles
Battles of the American Revolution.
Political Events
American Historic Political Events
Key People
Key People in American History.
French Indian War
Battles of the French & Indian War
Military Events
Key Military Events in American History.

Military Information
Information for both historical as well as current military information and statistics.