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Stock Options-this isn't a tool, this is a summary of tax implications


New Portfolio Analysis Tools
Sharpe Index
Jensens Alpha

401(k) calculator
After-tax investment comparison
Amortization Schedule
Current Yield of a Bond
Bond Duration
Bond Price Calculation
CAPM-Std. Deviation
Dividend Growth Model
Holding Period Return
Keough Calculator
Mutual Fund Projector
Mortgage Refinance
Mortgage Downpayment Calculator
Car Lease Analysis
Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA
Short-Term tax rate vs. Long-Term Tax Rate - should you sell that stock now and take the short-term tax rate, or should you wait until the long-term tax rate kicks in??

Family Retirement Planner (1,564 KB)
Financial Toolkit (833 KB)
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Early America - We're building up a pretty large database of events from Early America. History buffs shouldn't miss this section, including a database of all major battles in the American Revolution and the French/Indian War -- CLICK HERE

The goal of this database is to have a history of all major political, military and other events in the early history of the US.

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Economic Indicators. A primer on several key economic indicators and what they can tell you about personal finance.

Revolutionary war battles
Patriotism starts here, all key battles of the american revolution that led to our independence and our constitution.

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